Cool new SL, OS viewer app for Android

I found a link on a facebook friend’s post (thanks James :)) to a handy little app called the Lumiya 2 Viewer. I’ve used other Android apps for SL before, but this is the first one I’ve seen that can sign onto other grids. I used it to sign on Second Life, InWorldz and Kitely. You can also use Lumiya with OsGrid, New World Grid and FrancoGrid. There is an option to add other grids with their name and the Login URL.

The viewer does a pretty good job (on my phone at least) of rendering area objects and also interacts with scripts. It doesn’t render terrain textures, but I had a pretty good idea of where I was at when in familiar areas. In Lumiya my avatar looks like a brawny, grey, man, but at least I have an avatar.

Sending and receiving messages was easy on all three grids. It was fun on InWorldz and a little irritating on Second Life when four of my groups were particularly chatty at the same time. My phone was dinging like a slot machine. Finally, I figured out I could “close and mute” them. Had to do it again the next time I signed onto SL.

I was able to teleport through teleporters or landmarks in all three worlds. It was a little more complicated signing onto the Kitely grid. I had to sign on through my computer and then through my email address on the phone. If I chose to “stay signed on” to Kitely through my email, that might take care of the signing on problem.

Through Contacts I could see which friends were online, send them messages and look at their profiles. I could also see who was nearby through the Contacts menu and look at their profiles or send messages. Through the group tab I could choose a group and send a group message.

The Inventory has all the inventory folders and items.  The menu has Copy, Rename, or Delete item commands and Asset info. Under Asset info, if you are the creator, you can edit the asset permission. I might have to take a crack at organizing my inventory next time I’m stuck at an airport or in a waiting room. Wonder how long my battery would last with that sort of activity or if the phone would get too hot to handle before the battery ran out of juice?

There are settings for Start location, Draw distance, several Sound preferences and more. There may be more you can do with the Lumiya 2 viewer. That’s what I found during my first few times using it. Every time I’ve signed on, I’ve found another layer. It’s easily the most robust SL viewer for the Android I’ve seen to date.


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